WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

PG vs VG E-Liquids: The Perfect Blend

We all have different preferences when it comes to our favorite e-liquids. Plenty of us enjoys the tantalizing berries in our best fruit e-liquid. Alternatively, others prefer the bold taste in tobacco e-liquid. While for us, we like the decadence in sweet e-liquids – which always includes cake. However, aside from the flavorings, we all share the same ingredients in our e-liquids. In all standard e-liquids, every bottle contains the same base that determines the overall experience. PG vs VG E-Liquids references the mix of the base ingredients that determines your vaping experience.

What are PG and VG?

In the root of all e-liquids, these two ingredients come about often and for a good reason as PG and VG determine the overall vaping experience. The mixture of VG vs PG e-liquids gives the mix of throat hit to producing massive clouds. Combined with nicotine and flavorings, the blend created will dictate how well the vapor is received.

 The similarities are as followed: 

  • Mostly odorless liquids
  • Belongs to the sugar alcohol chemical class
  • Produce vapor when heated
  • Not oils, as to not cause any medical issues.
  • Some vape devices can only work with a certain level of each.

What is VG?

VG is one of the main ingredients in e-liquid, with the full name being vegetable glycerin. This component is a naturally occurring substance found in vegetable oils. Between its counterpart, this component is what produces those sick clouds. Leaving behind more residue than PG, this component also tends to wear down coils more often. A common symptom with high VG e-liquids is that some tend to experience dry mouth and throat soreness. Our suggestion for this would be to take longer intervals between hits.

What is PG?

PG or propylene glycol, is a synthetic by-product made from petroleum. Used in medical food-grade products for years, it’s also clear, odorless, and flavorless. This ingredient is known for being more efficient at carrying nicotine and flavoring rather than VG. According to Healthline, the US and European food authorities have declared it generally safe for use. This component is also known for giving that throat hit, which resembles the sensation in a conventional cigarette. Furthermore, it’s important to note that some individuals have reported allergies to this ingredient. While mostly being sensitive to PG and not allergic, we recommend switching to a high VG e-liquid regardless.

Finding the Perfect Blend

Now that we understand what the main ingredients are in the mix, it’s important to note each specific blend is subjective to your vaping experience. Aside from the nicotine and flavoring, the VG and PG mix will determine how the vapor produces and is ultimately received. While many blends dictate the overall e-liquid profile, each formulation adds both ingredients to ensure consistency. The standard brews are as followed.

High or Max VG Blend

These e-liquids have the highest VG possible in their formulation. While it’s label is Max, it’s important to note that some traces of PG are still evident in this e-liquid. However, the extent of PG is relatively low – making it almost undetectable. For cloud chasing, these e-liquids are the go-to as VG tends to create those thick clouds.

High or Max PG Blend

This e-liquid formulation contains the maximum amount of PG. Contrary to the high VG blend, these e-liquids replicate more of a throat hit relative to a traditional cigarette. Also, carrying nicotine and flavoring better than its counterpart, these e-liquids have a more bold flavor to enjoy. It’s important to note these e-liquids recommend to vape at lower levels due to how thin the e-liquid may be.


This e-liquid combination has become growingly popular, and for good reasons. While plenty of vape enthusiasts enjoy people ogling at those dense clouds, the vapor production tends not to compromise in flavor.


This combination is an excellent medium for the VG and PG mix. While not compromising too much in vapor production, the flavor tends to come alive with this ratio. All dependent on your vape device preference, you will also notice that you don’t risk burning your coils with a higher VG blend.


Not as common in many e-liquids, you can still find a select few at these proportions. As mentioned before, PG is known to carry nicotine and flavorings better than its counterpart VG. Because of this, if you want a flavor that still produces decent clouds but emulates the pure flavor profile, this ratio is something to consider – if you can find it.

Finding your Preference

With the common ratios identified, your choice ultimately comes down to your individual preferences. While your vaping experience is subjective, we cannot determine what exactly would be your ideal VG vs PG E-liquid ultimatum. Nonetheless, by identifying what aspect you prefer – we can narrow these options.

Throat Hit

For many smokers, what helps them transition from smoking to vaping is how well it mimics the conventional cigarette. To satiate those cravings, an e-liquid on the higher end of PG may be the best option.


If you don’t mind the lack of vapor density and want an e-liquid that closely resembles its flavor profile, a higher PG may also be a good option. As PG tends to carry nicotine and flavors better, you will notice an increase in the flavor quality.


If you’re not a fan of the throat hit, an excellent vaping experience may be contingent on how much you – don’t cough. While not compromising in flavor, you may consider a ratio of a higher VG e-liquid.

Stealth Vaping

The option of stealth vaping is conclusive among plenty of preferences. However, without your nicotine preference, a higher-PG e-liquid combination ensures the least amount of vapor production. Be wary of coughing due to throat hit nonetheless – not stealthy at all.

Sick Clouds

For people to gawk at those dense clouds, it’s pretty straight-forward that we need to produce as much as vapor per hit. As mentioned, VG is the component that may spike your interest. While the mixed ratios will give you more flavor, the Max VG option will make those clouds obstruct anybody’s view.

Finding your favorite flavor is very important when it comes to selecting your e-liquid. However, it’s important to note that this doesn’t determine the overall vaping experience. While choosing the right nicotine strength is also essential, PG vs VG E-Liquids plays an integral part in how the vapor produces and is ultimately received. By finding your preference and matching it to the available e-liquids, we hope that you can finally find a flavor that doesn’t fall short to expectations – due to simple ratios that can easily deter the vaping experience.

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