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120ml E-Juice - How To Vape

How to Vape: It’s Prime Time

Vaping in and of itself is not a complicated process. However, it’s important to note that vape safety has been a precedent concern, and your vaping experience is definitive among your personal preference. While some of us enjoy a more inconspicuous approach, some enjoy people gandering at dense clouds. Ultimately, when you’re approaching how to vape, it comes down to a few options and a lot of experimenting.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is the act of inhaling smokeless vapor from an electronic cigarette. Contrary to the conventional cigarette, e-cigarettes use liquid formulations with a considerably less amount of additional hazardous ingredients. While tests are still being completed to determine its overall effect on consumption, it’s important to note the evident transparency with the vaping manufacturing process. Going through and finding out how is e-liquid made shows what you’re consuming and gives you an informed decision if vaping is right for you.

Transitioning from Smoking to Vaping

For many of us, smokeless tobacco has helped many of us quit our conventional habits of traditional cigarettes. There are other alternatives, such as nicotine patches and other forms of tobacco. However, the smoking sensation itself has become what we crave so often. By substituting the form of smoke, we can emulate these cravings and make great strides in a relatively healthier future.

What is a vape?

As the vaping industry is now over a decade old, the vape devices have grown by popular demand. Whether you prefer producing sick clouds or you want to be a stealth vape adventurer, there’s a vape device that can fulfill your desires. Finding your favorite vape device is a crucial step in your overall vaping experience.

120ml E-Juice - How To Vape

How to Use a Vape? 

How to use a vape
All dependent on your favorite vape device, using a vape is as easy as pressing a button or just drawing on your device. Granted – there are different methods of vaping, such as MTL and DTL vaping. However, the longevity of your coil relies mostly on a few steps. 
Fill your Tank
If your vape device doesn’t come pre-filled, filling your tank is easy as putting your favorite e-liquid into the tank. Granted – this seems like common sense. There’s just one thing to consider. If the tank is very low on e-liquid, the coil may not be receiving enough e-liquid to saturate the cotton. Unless you plan to switch the flavor, we recommend refilling your tank regardless if you have a tad bit of e-liquid left.
Prime your Coil
This one is essential. It’s easy to fill your tank, and it’s easy to draw on your device. However, without priming your coil, you risk destroying this component before you get to use it. Not to mention inhaling a purely flavorless and burnt vapor. Nonetheless, the method of priming your coil is an easy process that takes a little time and patience.
Choose Your Wattage and Enjoy!
After the preventive measures are complete, you set your wattage preference and enjoy – responsibly. When starting a new coil, we do recommend vaping at a lower wattage initially. However, with anything vape related, everything is ultimately up to your preference.

Vape Safety

The popular topic in vape safety has been around since the development of more technical vaporizers like the box mod – and for a good reason. Due to the nature of the box mod using batteries, this is where the issues arise. For many, the appeal of vaping comes from the ability to create sick clouds. While we agree that vape tricks are quite fancy, vape safety with these devices is as important as finding your favorite e-liquid.

Vape safety in itself is not a complicated process, but it’s good to get in the habit. With more technical devices, it’s essential to examine your device consistently. Aside from it looking pretty nifty, pay attention to the threading and casing. If it’s been quite some time where you can see it’s not holding up – along with the few scratches, it may be time to upgrade to a new generation device.

Furthermore, the most important and cost-efficient precautionary measure is to check your batteries. Throughout the years, this has been the root of vaping malfunctions. And yes, it’s an easy preventive measure. The initial step is to ensure that the wraps are still covering the entire battery. After that, check for any warps in the batteries. If there are any warps, dispose of the battery immediately.

While we won’t go into the exact reasons why these are important, vape safety is an exceedingly important topic. Most vape device manufacturers have been proactive with safety precautions, but it ultimately relies on the users to ensure they follow the guidelines.

Should I Vape?

For many, vaping has assisted them with transitioning from conventional cigarettes. While we don’t condone using hazardous materials, it’s essential to note vaping has a considerably less amount of unhealthy ingredients as its counterpart.

For others, the start of vaping has been due to its cultural influence. While vaping’s cultural impact has been an extensive influence on vape users, there are measures to ensure we can prevent addictive behavior. Most e-liquid brands carry their flavors in a nicotine-free option. With the 0mg nicotine options, we get the best reflection of the flavor profile while staying away from the widely-known addictive ingredient.

Vaping and how to vape is ultimately upon your preference. Regardless of how you’ve come across vaping, it’s struck your interest for a reason. In recent years, the stigmas towards vaping have been a precedent concern for many. Wth the right information, we can make an informed opinion if vaping is right for you.

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