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How To Clean Your Vape: Always Fresh

Whether you’ve got the best device in tech or one that resonates with subliminal style, we can all agree – a clean vape not only looks the best but performs the best. With all rebuildable devices, it’s essential to note that not only do we have to replace the coils, but it’s an excellent measure to get in the habit of cleaning it. When approaching how to clean your vape, there are only a few components to check for – where it’s a good habit to start taking proactive measures to prevent your vapor from tasting dull.For all technical vape devices, vape maintenance is as essential as picking your favorite e-juice. While technology has gradually increased to prevent common problems, not caring for your vape device is a sure-fire way for it to act as unintended. Overall, vape maintenance yields more significant precedent concerns – such as vape safety, but we can start with ensuring that your vapor reflects the flavor as intended.

Anatomy of a Vape Device

Before we get into how to clean your vape, defining what’s in a vape device is essential. As the different types of vapes have progressed due to popular demand, every vape device has similar components. These components are as follows:

  • Battery – The primary source that brings power to the heating element
  • Atomizer – Either rebuildable or a tank, this component houses the heating element and e-liquid
  • E-Liquid – Everyone’s favorite, the core of vaping – this component is absolutely essential. 

For all vape devices, the battery retains the most concern for vape safety. As mentioned, device manufacturers have made progressive improvements to common troubleshooting problems. Nonetheless, user errors still may occur. Vape maintenance ensures proactive safety/quality measures, where simple steps assure your vape components’ life span. When cleaning your vape, the primary part of maintaining is the atomizer – but the other parts carry a significant priority.

Why should I clean my vape?

As in anything vape related, you don’t have to clean your vape. But we highly recommend it, and for a good reason. While we vape and vape often, the inevitable residue from our sweet e-juice is bound to happen. While we don’t want to mix this with the next flavor in the palette, vapor flavor will diminish considerably – even if we’re not changing flavor categories.

If you’re starting to venture out into more technical devices such as a dripping atomizer, this requires a higher priority. With a clear vision of our appealing coil build, we can tell that the residue builds up noticeably. As expected, along with the residue buildup, the taste goes away dramatically. Once a sweet cake e-liquid now turns into a charred and burnt flavor – not ideal. For setups with a rebuildable coil, we highly recommend taking the time to clean the deck and the coil’s housing.

How to clean your vape mod

Aside from our flavor preference, all vapers want the same thing – the best flavor and nothing less, unless we’re feeling a little bold. While we may be in a rush, sometimes we refill our tank with a new e-juice without cleaning. As impressive as this unique flavor might be, it definitely isn’t the new dessert e-juice we’re trying. For the sake of our coils and our tastebuds, cleaning our vape mod is a great proactive measure. While a simple rinse will typically be sufficient, here is a step-by-step guide.
120ml E-Juice - How to Clean your Vape

How to clean your vape mod (Standard Rinse)
With a few simple steps, we ensure our vape’s integrity and let our vape perform as intended. While there are plenty of ways to clean your vape mod, the standard rinse can change accordingly. Nonetheless, while the traditional rinse should typically be sufficient, here is a step-by-step guide.
Step 1
Fill a bowl with warm water
Step 2
Detach the tank from the mod and drain the tank of e-liquid
Step 3
Disassemble the tank and place in the bowl
Step 4
Rinse the components thoroughly and use pipe cleaners if needed
Step 5
With a slightly damp paper towel, clean out the connection on your mod
Step 6
Remove the pieces from the bowl
Step 7
Dry off all the details (atomizer and mod) with a paper towel.
Step 8
Air-dry all the vape parts for 10 – 15 minutes
Step 9
Reassemble the atomizer and place onto the mod

Cleaning Insight

Sometimes, we don’t have the time in a week – or month – to clean our vape device. It happens. Where little residue may buildup in the coil, after not washing for a considerable amount of time, we subject our vape device to residue in other unfortunate places. These places include the drip tip, the glass housing, and the vape chimney. If the flavor doesn’t improve from a coil swap, they could be the foul taste’s source.

Additional Methods

Sometimes – somehow, the residue may buildup and leave a stench after a standard rinse. Gross. Perhaps we’re bringing out our collectors’ edition for a friend, and we forgot to clean out the vape juice. Or maybe, we lost our vape and found it after a long time. Either way, it may seem that our vape might be unsalvageable. While we don’t know the exact story, here are some alternative methods to try when approaching how to clean your vape.

  • Add dish soap to your water solution.
  • Add high-proof nonflavored vodka instead of the water solution
  • Use an ultrasonic cleaner – if you’re money bags. 

When to clean your vape

Regular vape maintenance is the key to ensuring the longevity of your vape device. As we consistently mention the importance of these good habits, the decision to do so is entirely up to you. Nonetheless, by taking these proactive measures, we can ensure a pure flavor every hit. A few opportunities to clean your vape are as follows:

  • When changing your flavor
  • When changing your coil
  • When doing weekly maintenance


When approaching how to clean your vape, we recommend not taking it lightly. As other precedent concerns such as vape safety come into play, the primary reason to clean your vape comes down to the immediate flavor purity. While we don’t like to limit a fantastic flavor by its flavor category, the burnt and charred taste is something we all don’t like. Cleaning your vape is a good proactive measure to ensure the quality and longevity of your vape device. While cleaning shouldn’t deter your flavor preference, you can always find your favorite 120ml e-juice today.

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