WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
120ml E-Juice - Finding Your Favorite E-Juice Flavor

Finding Your Favorite E-Juice Flavor: What’s Brewing?

With such a wide selection of e-juice everywhere, finding your favorite e-juice flavor may seem impossible. Many vapers prefer the mouthwatering taste in the alluring fruit e-liquids. Some vapers prefer the bold taste in the similar cured leaves of tobacco e-juice. While for us, we thoroughly enjoy the decadence in sweet e-liquid – where we always include cake.

While we don’t like to limit an excellent flavor by its category, we understand that it may be different for you. To better find a flavor that suits your taste-buds, we curated this list to encompass the features of e-liquid and vaping – that ultimately defines your overall vaping experience.

How E-Juice is Made

Figuring out what’s in your e-liquid is the initial step to finding out what’s your favorite flavor. Where it may sound odd to think other components may deter the taste in e-liquid – you’re probably right. However, it’s essential to recognize that the base ingredients’ different ratios adjust the vapor production and the vapor delivery. Where yes, it can move a top-shelf bottle to the back like last month’s subscription of Reader’s Digest.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

Propylene Glycol, commonly referred to as PG, is a synthetic by-product made from petroleum. This ingredient is apparent in medical food-grade products for years. According to Healthline, the US and European food authorities have declared it generally safe for use. Most importantly, this ingredient carries nicotine and flavor a lot better than its counterpart in VG.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

On the other hand, e-liquid essentials also contain Vegetable Glycerin, commonly referred to as VG. This component is the bread and butter for cloud chasers. A highly viscous ingredient, adding VG to the mix, produces more body to the vapor production – making those sick clouds. For a more smooth vaping experience that makes for great vaping tricks, higher VG brews are fundamental.

VG vs. PG

So why does this ratio matter? If you don’t have a preference to vapor production or delivery, then it doesn’t. However, for a more refined selection process or if you want to determine if people should ogle at your sick clouds, the ratio of VG and PG is something to consider.


With or without, nicotine plays an essential role in your e-liquid. While we may be itching for a fix, nicotine delivery has helped previous smokers with smoking cessation through vaping. In the absence of nicotine, you get a more pure flavor profile. On the other hand, with nicotine, your vaping satisfaction is prolonged – even for a minute. With nicotine variations such as freebase and salt, it’s easy as ever to find your preferred nicotine strength.

E-Juice Overview

While there are a few core ingredients to e-juice, the essentials in all e-liquid strongly determine your overall vaping experience. For new vapers, the layman’s terms of vaping may seem a tad bit overwhelming. However, finding your favorite flavor shouldn’t. With a little bit of information, you can see why your favorite ice cream cake e-liquid may taste like feet. 

Type of Vape Juice Flavors

It may seem that there is an enormous amount of flavors to choose – and you’re right. As the vaping scene grew in popularity, e-liquid manufacturers brought their best flavors to the market. And we couldn’t be more ecstatic. Being vape connoisseurs, we fancy the plentiful bounty for these aromatic delicacies. So, in terms, we curated this list to help find your favorite e-juice flavors as well.

Fruit E-Juice

A popular favorite among vapers, fruit e-juice, is an alluring selection for a good reason. And how can you go wrong? With the almost limitless fruits readily available, it seems that there is an e-juice flavor replicating all of them.

Aside from the tantalizing and mouthwatering sensations, these e-juices are known to be great on your coils – where you don’t have to keep replacing them too often. While there are plenty of reasons to get fruit e-juice, here are a few great opportunities to have these e-juices in your palette:

  • Refreshing taste in your vapor
  • Lighter taste for huge clouds
  • Pairs great with your favorite fruit drinks

Dessert E-Juice

While we don’t like the conventional idea of eating dinner before dessert, these dessert e-juices will make you want to skip to the good stuff too. As if right out of a bakery shop or baked to perfection, dessert e-juice replicates those delicacies where we may or may not overindulge. When finding your favorite e-juice flavor, a few opportunities in choosing dessert e-juice as your next flavor category are as followed:

  • Savory taste for your vapor
  • Very potent flavor profiles
  • Creates a great aroma
  • Pairs great with your morning coffee
  • Unique flavor combinations unlike any others

Menthol E-Juice

We know you’re pretty cool, and this e-juice will help you stay cool. As if you’re taking a trip through the glaciers, menthol e-juice provides a near minty experience. As fresh as the vapor goes down, exhaling is as refreshing. A few opportunities in choosing your next favorite menthol e-liquid are as followed:

  • Previous menthol smoker
  • Keeping cool – especially in the summer
  • Add a hint of mint to your favorite fruit e-juice
  • Refreshing and cool sensations

Sweet E-Juice

Just like dessert e-juice, sweet e-juice encompasses those familiar cravings. While this e-juice flavor category also includes those candy confections, sweet e-juice replicates those tarts, gummies, and, most importantly – cake. A few opportunities in choosing your next favorite sweet e-juice are as followed:

  • Sweet taste for your vapor
  • Creates a familiar bakery aroma
  • Unique flavors for every e-juice flavor
  • Replicates those candy confections

Tobacco E-Juice

For the bold vaper, this e-juice flavor category is just as brave as you. Typically paired with sweet overtones, tobacco e-juice tastes as if those leaves have been cured to perfection. When finding your next favorite e-juice flavor, a few opportunities in choosing tobacco e-juice are as followed:

  • Recently switched to vaping from smoking
  • Bold taste for your vapor
  • Pairs great with your morning coffee

Vaping Style

Now that we have the essentials down, there are just a few concepts worth mentioning. We get it, you vape – but how do you vape? With all the vaping lingo thrown in the mix, don’t worry – it’s still a salad. If you’re a casual vaper, terms like Direct to Lung (DTL) vaping can easily interpret as taking a big hit. Nonetheless, just like any dinner, some solid placemats can make a dry chicken seem a little less bland. When finding your favorite e-juice flavor, your vape kit and preferences can make your e-juice go from 0 to 100 – real quick.

Vape Devices

We bring up the topic of vape devices for one reason; there’s too many to count. Nonetheless, each vaping device is subject to the same core components that generate vapor production. So don’t worry, as long as you got all the parts, you should still be able to vape.

However, it’s critical to note that various vape devices have unique designs for different types of e-liquid. If you’re more technical and can taste the minute differences through inhalation, then the difference in drip-tips is worth mentioning. Overall, we have one definite recommendation for general use – don’t vape salt nicotine in a Sub-Ohm Device. Don’t try it, ever. To find what device may suit your platter, looking into different types of vapes may be worthwhile.

Inhalation Methods

We mentioned earlier that technical vape terms easily interpret as a more straightforward definition. For example, Mouth to Lung (MTL) Vaping is just taking a cigarette puff. Nonetheless, if you’re a soon to be vape enthusiast, this is worth mentioning. As vape inhalation methods can determine your overall vape experience, terms such as MTL vs. DTL vaping will answer some looming questions at your next vape session. Finding your favorite e-juice flavor with supporting ratios is the next question.

Additional Information

Its apparent vaping lingo has grown with the industry. There are now different methods, styles, and overall preferences, where the mere task of choosing your next favorite e-juice shouldn’t be as technical. As the vaping enthusiast may beg to differ, we’ve got you covered. While we don’t limit an excellent e-juice to its flavor category, we understand there may not be enough time in a day to go through all of them. As we’ve found our favorites, we hope you can find your next favorite 120ml e-juice today.

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