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Different Types of Vapes

Whether you’re a previous smoker or following the trends, the consistently growing vape and vape industry has caught your eye. And that’s great! Device popularity has changed over the years. So we’ve created this article to help you indicate the different types of vapes. Each device ranges in size and features. Nonetheless, these devices are subject to the same components.

These components are:

Different Types of Vapes

  • Battery: This is the primary source of the equipment that generates power to the heating element.
  • Atomizer: This component houses the e-liquid and turns the liquid into vapor
  • E-LiquidThe crowd favorite, e-liquid, which comes in various flavors, are proprietary e-juice formulations for us to choose and enjoy.

It’s important to note that each component works in tandem, and you can’t vape with a lack in one – unless you want to vape pure water.

The Four Types of Vaping Devices


These straight-forward devices are made simple for the on-the-go lifestyle. Just like traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes emulate its predecessor as they come pre-filled and pre-charged. Once you finish with the device, you toss it out and start a new one.


  • Convenience
  • Easily hideable
  • Affordable
  • Straight-forward use


  • Increased waste for single-use
  • No control over flavor output
  • No recharging/refilling

Pod Vapes

Among all different types of vapes, the pod vape is considered the most stealthy . Typically consisting of two components, these devices are in between a full-blown mod and an e-cigarette. As they are refillable or pre-filled, the pods house the e-liquid and atomizer while the battery is the power source. For you stealth vapers, this provides the most bang for your buck – where the lifespan is a tremendous increase to e-cigarettes while not compromising convenience in mods.


  • Replaceable pods
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Convenient and Discrete


  • Low amount of vapor
  • Quality is predetermined
  • Constant recharging

Box Mods

The big bertha of all vape devices, box mods have all the nooks and cranny for a vape device. Contrary to a pod device, the bigger the device – the better the features. These features range from variable wattage output to its ohm calculator – and all the safety features. As a result, the box mod is a must-have for those sick clouds. Additionally, these devices typically use external batteries or are rechargeable with the appropriate connection.


  • Full control of your vaping experience
  • Variable wattage
  • Supports custom coils


  • Not discrete
  • Not convenient
  • Expensive

Squonk Starter Kits

Of all the different types of vapes, these are the most advanced kits that you can purchase. These devices carry as many features as the box mod. Where these kits also have a rebuildable drip atomizer attached to a box mod. Furthermore, the box mod has an e-liquid bottle. This bottle acts as a portable e-liquid container. When squeezed, the e-liquid saturates the cotton. As a result, the coil is primed and ready to vape. These all-in-one kits aim at the early days when coil-building was trending.


  • The best quality vapor production
  • Custom coil builds
  • Increased e-liquid capacity
  • Better convenience from a dripping atomizer


  • Complex system contrary to a typical drip atomizer
  • Very tiny and unique components
  • Required cleaning for drip performance.

Whether you’re new to the vape scene or a veteran vaper, the advance in vape technology makes it easier to find a vape device that suits you. Paired with your favorite selection of our 120ml e-juice, we ultimately hope you find your next vape setup.

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