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120ml E-Juice - Common Vaping Problems

Common Vaping Problems: Let’s Fix It

Whether you like the tantalizing overtones of the alluring fruity e-juice or the rich undertones in the infamous sweet e-juice, we all vape – and vape often. When vaping for a prolonged amount of time, it’s inevitable for us to run into some issues with our devices. While some instances require a more technical approach, common vaping problems are bound to happen – where it’s generally an easy fix. By doing common troubleshooting issues, we can determine if we actually need to replace our entire setup. To better assist you in resolving these problems, we have curated this article to identify and resolve these trivial matters. 
120ml E-Juice - Common Vaping Problems

It’s Leaking Everywhere!

The infamous drip, and we’re not talking about your swagger. The drip outside of our RDA and not our wardrobe, when e-liquid gets anywhere but our vape chimney – not ideal. While we recommend weekly maintenance of our vape, fixing a leaking tank is as easy as checking our atomizers’ components. Things to look out for are as follows: 

  • Crack in the tank’s glass
  • Broken O-Rings
  • E-Liquid thinning

Aside from vape parts’ integrity, there are different methods worth trying. While we won’t get into the details in this post, we’ve curated an article specific to stop e-liquid leaking

Am I vaping anything? 

With some e-liquid setups, we almost feel invincible as the clouds fill up our lungs. For the cloud chasers, this will be considered a sick cloud. As a casual or stealth vaper, this might be unexpected. Nonetheless, after possibly coughing it back up – we can agree, coughing is not ideal. Fortunately, as this is part of common vaping problems, there are only a couple of things to check. 

The initial check is in your e-liquid. While the PG and VG ratios determine the vapor production, a less amount of Propylene Glycol (PG) will give less of a throat hit – aside from nicotine. If you’re a soon to be vape enthusiast, you can find your perfect blend by seeing the PG vs. VG E-Liquids difference.

The next check may seem like common sense, but sometimes we may be in a rush. For adjustable wattage devices, if you’re vaping at too low of wattage, your atomizer may not have enough power to heat up properly. Be sure to check the device manual and reviews to determine the optimal wattage. Other than that, be sure to check your atomizer’s airflow – assuring there’s enough air. 

What’s that burnt taste?

Tasting worse than our bottom of the barrel e-liquid. This flavor shouldn’t even be considered a taste – because we don’t recommend it. We all know it, and we all despise it—the notorious taste of burnt cotton from our prestigious vape device. Gross. While this is of the most common vaping problems, it’s also the easiest fix. To understand how to fix this issue, it’s as easy as understanding how a vape coil works. While the cotton in the coil saturates from the e-liquid, it is then heated to convert into vapor. While we recommend priming your coil, this method is especially important when starting with a fresh vape – but it is also an excellent measure to do if your vapor is tasting dull. 

Spit Back

While we’re not talking about dropping a sick rhyme over a trap beat, we’re talking about when your vape kicks the e-liquid back up from the chimney. Can the vape kick the e-liquid back up? Yes, it can! As this is more of an issue with earlier generation devices, the more recent devices have taken progressive measures to prevent these issues. Nonetheless, this issue arises from residue buildup – where displaced cotton in the coil housing is the culprit. To safeguard from getting hot e-liquid spit-back, looking into how to clean your vape is a good proactive measure. 

Battery Problems

This problem seems to always come with unfortunate timing, right before a big trip or when we’re fiending for a fix. Not fun, whatsoever. While the resolution seems like an easy fix, you’re entirely right. Charging your battery ought to do it. While the new generation devices have built-in batteries, the charge is on the mod’s display. However, for earlier generations, this issue has been more common due to the replaceable batteries. While the battery chargers have their tech to assist with this measure, you can determine the charge on its display. If the charger indicates it cannot charge or is fluctuating in level, we highly recommend changing your battery. While other precedent concerns such as vape safety come into play, the low price of a replacement battery will be worth the peace of mind of a faulty battery. 

Other Insights

While other issues may arise when vaping, it’s essential to stay as cool as your menthol e-liquid. While the e-liquid is as fresh as your wardrobe, it’s vital to maintain that cool. As vape devices have progressed, so has the tech. Safety measures and concerns resolve with the progress, and some oversight to a faulty vape is most likely in place. While some issues arise from uncommon problems, those issues are very apparent – where in most cases, you don’t have to replace your device. With the large community of vapers, common vaping problems happen to vape enthusiasts everywhere. A simple search of the issue, you can most likely find a resolution to the problem. While these issues shouldn’t deter you from finding your favorite e-liquid, you can always find your favorite 120ml e-juice today. 


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